WonderFox Video Watermark

Wonderfox Video Watermark is a tool that allows the user to add watermarks to your videos for anyone to republish the content on the web without identifying the author.

It is possible to insert a simple phrase in common text on video or apply a PNG image drawn transparently. If you wanted something more “fancy”, you can add animated images in GIF in any part of the video.

To complete the possibilities of WonderFox Video Watermark, insert has the function “Add Shape” in which you make a kind of drawing or shape in any part of the video.

I hear promotion? That is, production?

Yes, that’s right! The staff of WonderFox prepared a promotion for you to perform a full version for free of WonderFox Video Watermark. Until the day 31 December 2016, you download here for the Arcade and you will receive, together with the installation file, a serial program.

Open the downloaded ZIP file, find the License key from HERE and copy the serial. Now run the program and, when you see the screen below, paste the serial.

WonderFox Video Watermark

Start using

To start using the WonderFox Video Watermark, you must click the “Add Video” button in the upper-left corner of the window. Then, navigate through your directories and choose the video you want to insert the watermark.

Once this is done, the program window will show a split screen with the list of items added and with an area of editing. Click on one of the videos to select it and head to the other side. Click “Add Text” to apply some text, “Add Image” to insert an image or “Add Shape” to apply a shape on the video.

Each of these option opens a different window to define the details of each watermark, but basically you have to deal with size and placement in each of them. In the case of text and shapes, color options and some other. When you finish your customizations, say “Ok” and, to generate a video with these marks, click “Run”. There will be also the possibility to choose the output format of the file.

Above you gave a full description on the Video Watermark WonderFox and its functionalities, know now what we think of Wonderfox Video Watermark is a tool that can be very useful for video content creators on the internet. You can add a number of different watermarks in your video without actually dealing with more complex programs, as the publishers themselves professionals.

The software has some limitations in its free version, but the developer is having a promotion for a limited time, giving free activation codes for the PRO version for all you do the download by Arcade. Check out the requirements in the description above.

In our tests, we noticed that the WonderFox Video Watermark is very practical, and the more complex options that he has are not very difficult to understand. So even if you have never used an application of this genre, should not suffer too much to deal with it.

Basic vs. Practical

The interface is basic and intuitive with an organization to some extent, but could be better. She follows a design style means dating instead of adopting the Windows plan style and the web in General. It’s not enough to be a negative point, but a space to improve.

The videos went through the process of WonderFox markup in the Video Watermark left in perfect condition and with the tags properly applied and positioned. Nevertheless, the procedure is time consuming and takes a few minutes. So, long videos should generate a bit of boredom.

Anyway, well worth doing a test with the WonderFox Video Watermark, especially by the promotion.

WonderFox Video Watermark


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