Wirecast helps you to stream live events to Facebook

Wirecast makes it possible to create dynamic video transmissions over the Internet. Build detailed multimedia contents with many cameras, images, titles and movies.

Wirecast introduces a new concept of filming. You can combine your selected cameras, use resources overlapping graphics, movies and subtitles in a painting. As soon as you build your list of scenes, you can switch the transmission with a single click! Control your broadcast in real-time with ease!

With support for multiple layers, the program inserts easily tracks of music on the transmission, while switching between cameras that you want your visitors to see. Wirecast uses the QuickTime architecture for transmissions.

You can perform the public Internet or broadcasts on the local network. When you want to put the transmission in the air, simply send it to the QuickTime Streaming Server. Is great because all transmissions can be viewed from the QuickTime player or through a Web page.

With the help of Wirecast 7 You can broadcast live events through Facebook Live,Wirecast is the first software using Facebook Live Api,here you can download the Wirecast 7 for Windows,Wirecast is a shareware file but you can use use all features of this software in trialmode.One and only problem is a small watermark attached with all events,


Follow the Download Link and Fill Up the Form For Download Wirecast 7

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