What Makes True Caller Flash Message So Popular?

Time is precious and in today’s rat race we are all hard pressed to find some time. Technology has made our life much easier than before and it continues to do so with new advancements. True Caller is an amazing mobile app that helps you save time by knowing the identifying unknown calls so that you know which calls are important and which can be avoided. It also blocks spam calls and filters out the unwanted ones. Among the various things that make True Caller popular, an important feature is the True Caller Flash Message.
If you have heard of True Caller Flash Message but have no idea what it refers to then you have come to the right place. Flash messaging is an amazing time saving tool that you can use to avoid calling or texting a full message when you are driving or busy in a meeting.
It gives you a wonderful mid-way solution. The True Caller Flash Message allows you to simply tap on the thunder bolt sign which is placed just beside the name of the Truecaller user. You can either find the person’s name in your call log or perform a T9 search to find the person. Now, simply send him a quick flash message that says ‘I am on my way’. It might even tell the recipient of the message about your location.

Why is the True Caller Flash Message feature so useful?

Since its release, users are full of appreciation for this awesome feature. It’s right called flash message because lots of things can actually happen in a flash. So, you need to be quick and succinct in your communication especially when you are driving or you are in mid of something important. This is perfect for times when you don’t have the time to call or write a full message, yet your message needs to be conveyed.

These are the pre-defined messages you can send to your family members or friends to keep them informed about your location, your current situation or when you are in trouble. You may either send a predefined message or an emoji that shows you are safe, happy or sad.
The biggest advantage of using a True Caller Flash Message is that it does not eat up your SMS credits. While you need a wifi connection or data pack to be able to send the flash message, it’s really a quick and easy way to communicate.

How to send a flash message?

If you want to send a flash message to someone on True Caller first look for the number in your call log or contact list by the T9 feature. When you get the person’s number, you will see a thunder bolt sign just close to the number.
Please make sure that you have the availability on in order to send the flash messages. To turn on the ‘Availability status’ on iPhone and Android, follow this path:

For iPhone: Open the app – Go to More – Go to Setting – turn on Availability

For Android: Open the app – Go to Menu – Go to Settings – Go to General
We hope the above information about True caller flash messages helps you send these types of messages the next time when you are in a hurry.




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