Video Editor

Video Editor is a tool that allows you to manipulate your videos creating clips ready to be posted on social networks. The app can create videos with a sequence of pictures and background music, cut parts that you didn’t like in the middle of the file, at the beginning or end, and can still merge more than one video in one.

For those who seek even more features, the Video Editor can separate files, images and sounds of any clip that you have stored on your device, thereby creating MP3 songs.

from the home screen on the Video Editor, you can choose one of these features to start working. Then you will need to choose some files to form your video, and you can even browse through folders that are not part of your gallery. When you can go through all the procedures of the task chosen, tap the Save button in the top right corner of the screen and choose the resolution most suitable. At this point, you can already prepare your video for Instagram, if this is the desired destination for the file.

Above you gave a full description of the Video Editor and its features, learn now what we think him

video-editorVideo Editor is a video editor and simple that allows you to make several types of video editing, but all very basic. It is possible to cut, excerpts, create videos with pictures and background music, merge existing files and to separate audio and video, so you can be alone with the sound of the video that he was seeing.

The usability of the editor is not the best. There are many ads appearing on the screen all the time, and some even mimic buttons in the application interface. Other than that, there are several times that happen some delays the reaction of app at the touch of the user.

In addition to this inconvenience, the interface also does not help. The application should work while respecting the traditional commands from Android, but the back button of the system does in fact the app to cancel the action you are performing. At the top of the screen, there are buttons to return, but these follow the style of the iOS, which causes a lot of confusion. Graphically, the interface is very weak as well. The elements that appear on screen together, as icons and others, appear to have been constructed so well and, on the whole, nothing ends up combining.

The results were satisfactory, when the various problems of the interface not atrapalharam. At this point, what stands out is the integration of the tool with multiple social networks, like Instagram, Facebook and others, which allow you to send your files directly to these apps in a more simple.


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