Uber – An Uber Cool Way to Travel

Uber is a global transportation network company with its headquarters in California. The company serves in India and it is involved in offering cabs, bike rides and food delivery. One thing t6hat Uber has helped the people with is getting rid of finding a taxi so as to reach your destination. Today, people can reach from point A to point B without any trouble and without going through the pain of search the cab. All you need to do is you need to open the app, enter your destination and you will get the cab. There are many other features of the app so let us have a look at them.

Features of Uber

With the help of the app, you can find cans in various categories. You can find the hatchbacks, sedans, SUVs and even the luxury rides to reach your destination.
Recently, uber has also started offering Auto Rickshaws in India so you do not have to visit the Auto Stand anymore and you do not have to bargain for the price. Instead, the auto will reach out to you at your desired location.

India is known for the traffic jams so the easy fix to it is to travel on a bike. This not only saves you from traffic jam but it also saves the environment. The good part is that uber also offers a bike ride from one point to another and it is very affordable.

Apart from the types of ride listed above, uber also ridesharing platform which is known as Uber Pool. You get cab pool which not only reduces the cost of travelling but it also reduces the carbon footprint you are leaving behind.

The company now also offers outstation rides so you can travel outside your city at a very affordable price. This is another big advantage of Uber. Earlier, the travel was restricted within the boundaries of the city.

Talking about more features, there is an app called Uber Eats which is another app from Uber Technologies and using this app, you can order food for yourself. The food is really cheap because of the discounts being offered by the company.

The best part about the Uber is that it is available in many different countries so you can not only travel within India but you can use Uber when you are travelling outside India as well. Also, Uber offers helicopter rides in some of the countries which are certainly an experience that you need to take.

These were all the features of the app and believe it or not but the app has been installed by 100 million people just on Android. The count for Apple Devices is in addition to this number. The application surely has a huge user base and it is very reliable. The download link for Uber is listed below for both, iOS and Android device.

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