Tribe, the future of messaging

Messaging hasn’t evolved in the past 20 years. From SMS to AIM to iMessage, the experiences look the same : a keyboard and some text. The biggest change has been the transformation from desktops to mobile, which frankly has made it even more difficult. In today’s world, millenials don’t take time to call their parents. In fact, more than 30% of 20-35 year olds in the United States prefer to not use voice calls. Why is that? Because it is both time intensive, intrusive, and a hassle. Calls steal your freedom of choosing when you are ready to talk. Enter Tribe, the one stop solution to our messaging problems.
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Good bye SMS, hello Tribe.

Asynchronous. Tribe allows you to send audio and video messages peer to peer or also in a group format. It is incredibly easy and quick to use, as all it takes is one tap to send your message. Why now? Because data coverage is growing quickly and our video compression system is much improved. According to a recent Cisco study, by 2019 80% of the world’s internet usage will be video. Many say video is the big play for 2016, and our communication methods are still stuck in the past. Tribe is the beginning of the No Keyboard Era. Tribe, reinventing messaging since 2016.

Tribe introduces Experiential ‘EM’ Messaging™
« EM » for Emotional Messaging. Efficient Messaging. Elegant Messaging.

1-Emotional Messaging

The expression on your face, the sound of your voice, the hand gesture that accompanies the perfect punch line.
Tribe allows you to be everywhere with your closest by breaking down communication barriers. Users have the ability to be intimate with real, raw conversation. Tribe allows you to be in the same room when you are really across the globe.

2-Efficient Messaging.

Reach your friends at any time with Tribe. Record now while the recipient can watch whenever it’s convenient. All you need is one hand to tap a button to connect with others. Tribe on your time. Productivity is the objective here, and Tribe offers the chance to manage your relationships with friends and family with single tap of a finger.

3-Elegant Messaging.

Beautifully designed and visually exquisite, tribe’s interface is a thing of beauty and ease.
Just press your friend’s square to record your message.
To find a contact, just scroll and discover the “Pull to search feature.”

Tribe is the next generation of messaging.

Currently, everything on our phones has seen drastic changes with technology, except for messaging. Our options to chat include SMS texting, Whats App, Wechat, FB messenger, and many other typing options. The problem is that all of these take away your focus from activities, require time and effort, cramp tiny keyboards onto small phones, and lack human emotion and feeling. Then there is Snapchat, which is a phenomenal tool, but has transformed from a messaging app to a broadcasting platform thanks to Snapchat Stories. You can’t message with friends and get a real sense for what they are doing or how they actually feel. This problem has been eliminated by Tribe’s experiential messaging, the new way to be able to video chat with your friends, whenever you want, no matter where you are. 2016, the time has arrived for video conversation to be a reality, thanks to Tribe.

Tribe is compromised of four product focused French guy. All of whom relocated to San Francisco, to create software to simply messaging. The team recently added Ryan, a San Francisco native focused on marketing and growth. The Tribe team is determined to hold itself to the highest standards when it comes to the building of beautiful, simple mobile apps.




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