Shortcut- Free Video Editor for Windows, Linux, and Mac

Video Editing Software is something that we all have used at some time or another. Some people may have used the tool to edit the videos for the project and others might have used the tool to make a video for a friend’s birthday. Whatever the use may be, the tool comes really handy when you want better results from a recorded video. The sad part is that most of the video editors available online are not free to use. Some of the other feature of these video editors are not available for free use and some video editors leave an ugly looking watermark on the video.
After researching a lot, we came across an open source video editor and the name of this video editor is Shortcut. Let us look at the features of Shortcut so as to understand what it is all about.

Features of Shortcut

• To begin with, this is basically a video editing tool which is available for free. Even the code is available and hence it can be used by anyone without any problem.
• This video editor supports a wide range of formats and you would never face a compatibility issue with the video editor. You can also save the video in the desired format. The video editor also supports 4K resolution.
• Apart from the features mentioned above, you can also compile many images and get the slideshow with added effects with help of this software.
• The application also has many features to alter the audio and it has advanced features like peak meter, loudness control, spectrum analyzer and other audio filters. You can also fade in audio or video files with help of this software.
• The software also has a tone generator which helps in getting the desired sound in the video.
• You can add any types of video effects to the video file and you may also edit the color balance of the video. The software also has video filters and speed effects which can be implemented easily on this software.
• Talking about editing, you can trim the video, cut and paste the video apart from the other editing features offered by this software.

In terms of a general review, the application is the favorite choice of the people as the application is available for free. The quality of the output is very good and you would never face any issue while using the application. If you are stuck with some feature then you can also check out the tutorials on the website of this application and there are tutorials for each and everything.
Compatibility is never an issue with the application as you can install the application on 32-bit windows, 64-bit windows, 64-bit mac os, 64 bit Linux so it makes it easy to install the application on any operating system. To download the application, click on the download link below and select your operating system and the installer will be downloaded on your system.


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