ShareChat – An Innovating Chatting Platform to Make New Friends

You would be using many apps on your phone like WhatsApp, Instagram and other social apps to chat with friends and share Meme. What if there was an app which would have integrated all the features in one interface? Wouldn’t that be more fun? Well, we found an app after one of the acquaintance invited us to join the app and the name of this app is ShareChat. This is probably one of the best apps that we came across until now and here is a list of features along with a short review of this amazing super cool app.

Features of the App

Chatting Platform – The app can be used to chat with friends and you can also make new friends as you do on Facebook.
Meme & Videos – The app has many different Meme and Videos that can be downloaded and that can also be shared. You can check them out and even share them on other platforms.

Multi-Lingual Support – the best part of the app is that it supports many languages and in a country like India, you need to have such diverse apps. You can even download content and watch content in all these different languages.

Shayari – No matter what comes but Shayari can never go out of fashion. You can find different types of Shayari and different types of messages on this app which can be shared with friends and on other social media.

Downloadable Images – All the content on the ShareChat can be downloaded and this enables you to share the content on Facebook and WhatsApp. You can gain a lot of popularity by sharing these things with friends.

News & Horoscope – The app also has a feature where it shares the latest news and horoscope with you so that you can even ditch the news app on your phone.
Health and Fitness Tips – Last but not the least, the app has a separate section for health and fitness where you can get health tips to stay fit.

General Review

In terms of general review, the application has been reviewed by 5.25 Lakh users and it has an overall rating of 4.5 Stars. The developer of the app is quick in fixing the bug and sharing the fixes in the updates. The interface of the app is user-friendly and the way it integrates everything on one single platform is just beautiful. More than 1 crore users have installed this app and the number is always increasing.

Compatibility and Support

In terms of compatibility, the application is compatible with Android 4.1 and above. This is the best advantage of the app and hence it supports a wide range of the device. All those features listed above are encapsulated in 13 MB set up the file and hence it doesn’t occupy a lot of space on your phone. You can also download this app and be a popular one in your social group. Use the download link mentioned below to download the app.



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