Rolo: A New Contact Management Application for Android Device

If you would have ever used outlook then you would know that how easy it is to manage contacts, calendar invitations, notes and meeting with help of outlook. Alas! There was nothing like this for the mobile phones but now a company thought about the problems faced by the users because of lack of this integration on Android device and they came up with an application called Rolo. So basically Rolo integrates your contacts, calls, notes, and calendar for you. The application gained a lot of popularity since its launch and let us now have a look at other features of this application.

Features of Rolo

• Backup Contact Book – Everyone is scared of losing their contacts and the application developers of Rolo found a solution to eliminate this fear. Once you have logged in to the account on Rolo, the application will automatically backup all your contacts on the cloud or the local disc as per your requirement. You can choose the frequency of the backup and you can restore the contacts from the backup while when required.
• Manage Contacts – The application also lets you manage your contacts quite efficiently and in addition to this, the application would help you in adding all the details like address, date of anniversary etc. to the individual contact.
• Dig into the History – The application comes with a feature called Roloscope and this helps you in gaining access to the complete call, SMS, and email history of the contact. So if you are calling someone then you can get the information regarding the history of emails exchanged with the contact. This always makes it easy to impress the contact with your memory.
• Manage Calendar – The application also manages your calendar for you and you can schedule activities and follow up for the related task with help of the calendar support provided in the application.
• SMS Management Tool – Along with the features mentioned above, the application can also manage your text messages and it is possible to schedule an SMS for a specific time. This means that you can send a message to a person in future while you are in present.
• Business Card Scanner – This feature is limited to the paid version of the application but it is quite useful if you meet a lot of people for business. The feature stores all the data on the business card and that eliminates the need for carrying the business card everywhere.

As of now, the application has been reviewed by 635 users in total and the application has an average rating of 4.4 stars. More than 430 users have rated this application with a 5-star review and since the launch, the application has been installed by about 50,000 to 1 Lakh users.

The application requires at least a 4.4 version of Android and anything above 4.4 Android is compatible with Rolo. This is surely one of the best contact management application available for android device.


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