Review of Auto Reply for WhatsApp Application

WhatsApp has changed the way we communicate with each other and it has also changed the way how the business manages its customers. It is possible to share the location, photos and other multimedia messages through WhatsApp and hence it has really empowered the user. Sometimes, you need an application which can take care of the replies when you are not available and for all such situations, there is an application called ‘Auto Reply for WhatsApp’. This application can revert to the message with custom set replies and here is an honest review for the application.

Our team used the application for a couple of days before penning down the thoughts, so let us start with the features that it offers. But before we move on to features, we can describe this application in one word and that word is ‘Miracle’.

Features of Auto Reply for WhatsApp Application

• The main feature of the application is to provide with automated answers to the sender of any message and the answers can be easily programmed hence you can easily send the custom messages to the senders.
• The application works without any problem and it can easily identify the keywords from a message and revert as per the programming provided in the background.
• The application also makes it possible to reply to each and every message that is received by the user and in addition to this, another amazing feature of this application is that it can enable you to pre-set a user who can receive the reactions for each and every message.
• You can turn on or turn off the auto-reply service with just a single click of a button and hence you can be assured about the business or the personal needs even in your absence.
• Most of the bots or APIs require complex knowledge of programming or coding but the best thing about the application is that you do not need any coding knowledge to set up an auto-reply on your WhatsApp.

The application was launched recently and until now the application has received a total of fifty 5 star ratings and the application developers also respond to feedback on a priority basis. In a recent update, the application develops also added more features wherein it is possible for you to exclude the groups, unknown numbers or a particular conversation from receiving auto-replies and in addition to this, the developers also removed the ads from the applications as per the user feedback.

The application has been installed by about 10,000 to 50,000 users and the only system requirement of the application is a working android phone with android 4.3 and above. So if you are looking for an application that can take care of your WhatsApp messages in your absence then you may simply go to the google play store and install the application right away. You will appreciate your decision to install the application.


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