Review of Audio Manager for Whatsapp

OPUS Audio Converter is one of the top rated apps associated with social media apps as Whatsapp, one of the appreciable quality that leads many WhatsApp users downloading the OPUS Audio converter is to convert Whatsapp voice notes to WAV files. The WAV file works as the uncompressed file that can be stored, usually, the voice notes we send and receive via Whatsapp are not included or become part of the music players. These saved WAV files can be later searched and shared to other social media platform using your email ID and password. In the process of converting the data, as we all know voice notes are the shortest consumed data wave form messages, OPUS helps to clear the tuning of the voice that makes it clearer and soothing for the ears.

How does it work?
One of the obvious questions in mind will be how it operates or perform the task, we will not use technical terms to define. Simply Whatsapp works as the transfer of encrypted data from one number to encrypted data other number, OPUS helps to save the encrypted file named with extension. OPUS files with Whatsapp notes cannot be played with default music player, in order to manage the Whatsapp notes we need this Opus Audio Manager.
Features of Audio Converter App
• Inbuilt Opus Audio Player is available that offers audio to be played with the voice note saved file, it also helps you to change the name of the file according to your own concern for easy search and play.
• The audio notes available on the app can be shared to other social media platform, only Whatsapp messenger app doesn’t allow this feature. The share button or option is available on the top that offers direct access via browser to different social media platforms.
• Audio Songs in your song list can be converted to WAV file using Audio Manager, you must be thinking what WAV file is, in simple terms the file is uncompressed audio files that can be used for computer-based needs and transfer.
• While searching your favorite music file in the app, using the select option you can delete the music files, not in use. In default music player usually the option of selecting more than one music file is not available, the audio manager offers to delete multiple music files using the app. These music files will be deleted from mobile permanently saving more space.
• In response to all these available features, the audio manager carries option to edit the name of saved files or saved music. All you need is to select the edit option and the name you desired can be converted and saved with the desired name.
• The voice recorded all files can be converted into opus format, the opus format helps the converted recorded sound for internet based streaming. Audio trimming and adding audio effects to the prescribed sound recorded helps you to create your own WAP file.


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