Remix OS for PC

The remix is an operating system based on Google’s Android Lollipop 5.0 that brings an interface that resembles the Windows.

Basically, this system has been developed by the developer to join the universality and Robot performance to power and practicality of OS productivity tools from Microsoft.

Therefore, if you have a PC too weak to run Windows but does not think the pure Android can be a good alternative to the everyday, the Remix should fit nicely on your needs.

This OS was developed by Jide Technology, an Asian company formed by ex-Google software that always wanted to create a “productive version” of Android. With the giant of the searches never really liked that idea, they left to devote himself to the Remix. The company already has two devices released with the OS, a tablet Surface style Pro and a mini PC recém-financiado on Kickstarter.

Remix OS


The Remix’s interface is very simple and combines visual elements common to several other operating systems created for desktop. You have a “Start Menu”, in the lower-left corner of the screen, where you can have access to your list of apps, and also features a taskbar at the bottom, in which there are icons for all open Windows.

Oh! All the apps you run on the can be used in individual floating Windows on the screen, the same way you always did on Windows. There is even buttons to minimize, maximize and close. The only thing missing is the automatic resizing when you drag them to the sides of the monitor.

On the taskbar on the right side, you find a clock, icons to handle Bluetooth, keyboard, sound, WiFi and many others. There is even a shortcut to the system calendar. The last button opens a notification area with some shortcuts and even a native function to do screen captures.

The desktop still allows you to insert shortcuts to any app, and there is even a recycle bin that way to eliminate those of which you no longer need more.

Preinstalled programs

The Remix the original, shipped on the computers of Jide, is more complete and has more visual refinement and freedom to operate in Windows x 86 version. This difference is shown also in the pre-installed apps.

In this version for PCs, you only get a browser, a calculator, a camera app, clock, contacts, files and Settings Manager. There are also other items to customize the system, but keep in mind that you will have to download and install the Google Play manually to get other apps.

This is because this version of the OS for x 86 machines is still in alpha testing stage, for developers. Soon, you’ll still find some missing elements. At that time, this version of the operating system still looks more like Android x 86 traditional you can run on any PC than with the Remix of embedded Jide.

Run the Remix on a PC or Mac is not a complicated thing, but it is quite time consuming. However, if you have time and patience, it shouldn’t happen any kind of problem. Check out the steps:

1. First of all, you must download the ZIP file of the OS on your Windows computer via the “Download” buttons at the beginning and at the end of this text.

2. Extract the entire package in a folder

3. find an empty flash drive with at least 8 GB of space and connect to PC

4. Double-click the item “Remix the USB Tool”

5. Select your Flash drive in the list and click “Browse” to add the ISO file present in the same folder of the USB’s Remix Tool.

6. With all added, click OK and wait for processing.

This procedure may seem pretty fast at first, but, when it comes near the end, it may be for many minutes stopped, almost as if he were caught. In our case, it took about half an hour to complete this step. Be patient.

Now, to start the Remix on a PC or Mac, connect the USB stick to the USB port, restart the device and OS before the machine appeared, press F1 (or F2 or Delete) to access the setup and change the boot device sequence. Make sure that the drive in question is selected to start before the other components. To access the setup on Mac, press Command during initialization.

When your computer finally boot from the USB stick, you will see a screen asking in what way you want to use the Remix. Choose “Guest Mode” to not keep any files after log out or “Resident Mode” to create a partition and keep the records of the new OS out there. It is still not possible to install the Remix the definitely in the machine.

From that point on, the computer will perform various automatic procedures, and you don’t have to do anything. However, this part is also quite time consuming. In our situation, it took another half hour to complete.

Above you gave a full description on the Remix for PC and its features, find out now what we think of The Remix the for PC is a very basic version of the traditional Remix that Jide embarks on your tablet and in your mini PC. However, as we’re talking about an alpha version, we can expect the company to approach both in future versions and, one day, offer a consistent across all platforms.

For now, you basically can only experience the concept of Android productive in computer, but there’s no way to use it fully. There are still a few features, and the user needs to install the Google Play manually to get more software. It is worth remembering, however, that not all apps present in store can behave very well, given how new is the OS on x 86 platforms.

Concept of “Productive Android”

Still, it’s a real treat to see the concept of Jide interface on a PC itself. A few problems of drivers, and even sound and touchpad of a Dell Vostro 5470 we use for the tests ran without any major problems. That means that this is an OS that has the potential to appeal to many users who do not have the patience to bother with that.

What can bother is the lengthy procedure to get the OS run on PC. The tool that creates the Flash drive from the ISO of the Remix for PC seems to hang for several minutes before the end, and when you cannot complete it, you have to wait a long time for the OS to load on PC.

Even with that, the new system proved to be very fast on our computer and really can leave behind any Android device ARM of the market (as was expected). Of course, there are still shortcomings, but, if the Jide undertakes to leave the Remix is more polished PC in the next few years, the company may have a great gun to compete with Windows with OS X and Chrome OS. So, it’s worth testing this early version.



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