Prisma Now For Android [ Official Release ]

Prisma is an Android mobile application focused especially to who edit and give a beautiful incremented on your photos. After launching the app for IOS users with in four days 54 Lakh people installed that on iPhones, The idea here is that in very few steps, you can let selfies and other clicks with a visual of classic paintings. Offering for users of Android devices an experience similar to the popular IOS app – Prisma of Apple phones – the program run from common effects and colored filters to let the great masters of art “repintem” your images.

Just start the service, select a picture stored on the phone – or make a new capture through a quick shortcut – and touching the Round button, positioned in the center ( under the taken picture ), to decide the technique used in artistic editing of the file. Femme,Udine,tears,#geturban and other twentytwo effects are the main attraction of this Application.

The most interesting is that, to apply these features, the app uses a system similar to that of machine learning used by Google to create fantastic figures-which also means that we must wait a few seconds to see the result of the Visual effects. prisma Effect allows you to still show his works to friends with a quick sharing button-which provides access to e-mail, social networks and messengers.

prismaAbove you gave a full description about Prisma and its functionalities, know now what we think of Prisma,Although not lack options in Google Play to increment your photos, graphically not all apps are exactly good or have some type of differential. Fortunately, Prisma – or Deep Art Effects, as was formerly known – get out of the commonplace and is inspired by the great masters of painting to edit your images.

With ten unique filters, the application gives the chance to make your selfies or photos from the weekend appear to have been created by artists such as Picasso, Van Gogh, Rembrandt and many others. In General, the effects are very different among themselves and present a very interesting result, though not arrive on the quality of the Prisma-app for iOS in which inspires its resources.Even being available only in English, the software should not present any difficulty, even for new users. After all, just use a picture from the gallery or capture a new image to start the joke-dispensing extra menus, advanced options and other nonsense. The experience, however, could be improved.

The fact that the filters be on a list that needs to be scrolled to the bottom of the image-and not in a track like in Instagram – superimposed, for example, hinder the exchange of effects and viewing the material. In addition, depending on your phone, the application of art about the picture can take a while. It is also weird that the absence of an option to save their jobs, a contrast compared to the rich sharing tool.




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