Primo – Free Calls & Texts

Primo-Free Calls & Texts is a instant messaging that allows you to make free voice calls as well as send messages to your friends directly through the internet. The program is full of features that range from sending animated GIFs to a small built-in social network.

With Primo-Free Calls you can chat & Texts clearly with your friends through voice calls. The program also offers enhanced security, thanks to the encrypted key of 256 bits. And, to make your conversations more lively, it is possible to send extremely fun GIFs for that conversation stay even better. However, the application only accepts the GIFs that he offers.

primoYou can send unlimited voice and text messages. The links are also unlimited. The program also has 10 TB of storage available to you keep in the cloud all the content exchanged between you and your contacts.

A new and very interesting feature is the photo sharing. That is, you can take a photo and record an audio message shortly thereafter, so that the program group the two content in a single file.

Primo-Free Calls & Texts also has an internal social network that allows you to send pictures like Instagram, for all your contacts. Add text, voice, location and emoticons and let your friends know where you are, what you’re doing, thinking and feeling.

Above you gave a full description about Primo-Free Calls Texts and its functionality, & know now what we think of Primo-Free Calls & Texts is an amazing instant messaging application that allows you to interact with your friends and family through voice, image and text. Enjoy several resources to always be around your friends.

The program works as a mixture of Viber, WhatsApp and Instagram due to the enormous versatility of its resources. Through it, you can chat by text messages and can send pictures, voice messages and even GIFs, one of the major differentiators of Primo-Free Calls & Texts. However, the program only allows you to send the application’s own internal GIFs.

Primo-Free Calls also lets you make calls & Texts to other users of the program. In our tests, the feature worked very well: the voice was received and transmitted with a good sound clarity and also with an appropriate volume.

One of the coolest features of Primo-Free Calls & Texts is its internal social networking, which is very similar to Instagram. Social button, you can post a photo and even add sound to it, as well as include hashtags, emoticons, text and location. This message will be seen by all your contacts.

Versatility with good design

The program has an extremely robust and clean interface, in addition to beautiful. The design is very similar to the default iOS applications, which is something extremely positive. The buttons are very well located, making Primo-Free Calls & Texts easy to use.

You can also customize various items, as the conversation. This balloon will not only to you but also to other users. Primo-Free Calls & Texts is an excellent alternative to WhatsApp, and must make a huge success due to all these qualities.




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