Photo Watermark Android App

Add Watermark Free was developed for those who want to tag your photos before sharing the file on the internet.

In its free version, you can choose to trade marks created by the application, such as warnings of “censored” or “approved”, and choose your own image or text.

Thus, if you have your logo saved in your device, you can apply it on any photo, without much complication. You still counts with Edition of size, placement and opacity.

screenshot_3042Already the text can be compatible with the date or time of the appliance, using the code displayed in the corresponding window, or customized. In the free version, you cannot edit the source, but you can change the colors and opacity of the brand in the photo.

After finishing his Edition, just save your picture and she’s ready to be shared on social networks, promoting your brand or message.

Above you gave a complete description about the Add Watermark Free and its functionalities, know now what we think of The idea behind Add Watermark Free is quite interesting, allowing you to add watermarks to your photos. That way, you can share the content on the internet identifying to whom the photograph belongs, something very useful nowadays.

However, their implementation leaves much to be desired. Already in the first contact you realize that this is an app with development right humble. The buttons and the interface are quite old fashioned, resembling the first applications for Android.

The touch response is really slow. The image, after being selected, takes to appear, or you can change some setting and it does not match the desired. The biggest problem is to position content on the screen, since it’s hard to insert the mark accurately.

The variety of options predefined for you enter on the image file is small and fairly uninteresting, with content in English only and unattractive image. Already the source of the text for custom content is another negative aspect and just paying you now have more options and configuration.

The problem is that Watermark Photo Free proved to be so boring and unglamorous that you probably won’t even cogitar opt for paid version of the app.


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