Olympus Stylus 1 more style for youth

The advent of the mobile phone camera have sidelined the use of the still camera to a great extent. Cameras became wide spread following the popularity of mobile phones and smartphones. Thus photography turned out to be child’s play.
Stylus 1
Moreover photos were easily transferable through social media network like Facebook. Digital age was truly the age of Digital Photography as well.

Yet there are major chunk of population who cannot be satisfied by pictures taken by smartphone cameras. They wish to take better quality pictures. Keeping in mind this demand, Olympus launched the camera Stylus 1.
olympus Stylus 1
The built-in electronic viewfinder (EVF) and flash on the Stylus 1 has a 1.44 million dot resolution and i.Zuiko digital lens with 10.7 x zoom.

Additionally, you can also shoot 1080p Full HD movies using stereo sound and 120fps/240fps recording to capture movies. An option for slow motion video playback is also available.

In the digital mode, the ring turns in a smooth fashion for zooming and manual focusing and in analog mode, users can adjust settings. The Stylus 1 comes with built-in Wi-Fi that can be used to share pictures.
olympus Stylus 1 camera
The Olympus Stylus 1 is priced at $700 (Rs 43,500) and will be available by December.

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