The MalluXender is a great application for sharing between different devices or transfers between the device and a computer, that’s Look like Xender and built in Malayalam that is, it is not necessary to load USB cables when you want to transfer files between these two. The application is lightweight, simple to use and fast in transfers.

MalluXender is a file sharing application that allows the use of any type of connection, such as WiFi and 3 g. The application for the simplicity of use, however, maintaining security in data transmission. In addition, the application promises data transfer at speeds of up to 4 Mb/s, and even performing videos while they are being transferred to other equipment.

malluxenderThe way the application works is very simple: basically, it creates a connection between two devices, similar to what occurs in a Bluetooth connection. However, he uses the device’s WiFi connected to the local network or via WiFi-Direct. The authorized persons are accessible through a listing, and everybody is possible inclisive groups of friends for bulk transfers for all members.

The application has no limit to the number of files that you want to share. In addition, it allows the transfer of audio files, video, photos, documents, and more. The program’s interface is very simple and organized. At the bottom, there are icons that separate the applications according to the type, which facilitates a lot on hoar of find what you want to share.

With it, you can share any file using various methods such as shaking the device, drag the files to the edge (which appears on other device instantly) or to access the list of files on other devices. Each method depends on the type of file you want to share.

Another interesting feature that has the application is the possibility of trasnferências between the smartphone or tablet and a desktop computer. You just turn on the device and select the MalluXender PC previously registered. After this, simply open a web browser on your computer and enter the IP number informed by the application in the address bar.


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