KSEB official app for Android Released

KSEB stands for Kerala State Electricity Board and it is a major electricity provider in Kerala. The company is a government of India owned company which deals with power generation and supply. Almost every household in Kerala gets the electricity supply through KSEB and the electricity provider has got a really good reputation. In recent times, the company also launched a mobile application so that the consumers can manage their KSEB account with help of a few taps on their mobile. In this article, we have penned down a short review of KSEB Consumer Application so that you are aware of the benefits and the uses of the application.
So the features of the application are stated below
Features of KSEB Consumer Application
• You can create a new account with help of this application and all you need is the details of your consumer number and a mobile number.
• The application has quick pay facility wherein you do not need to register first and you can simply make the payment of this bill in a couple of minutes without even logging in.
• Apart from this, after you have logged in, you can check your profile and details of all your last bills.
• The company understands that a consumer may have multiple meters and in such a case, it is possible to manage 5 consumer numbers in the roof of one single account.
• You can also check the payment history and billing history for last 1 year as the same had been made available by the company of the application.
• Another helpful feature of the application is that it will remind you of the last date of the bill so it would be impossible for you to miss the billing due date. This will ensure that you do not have to pay the late payment fine as well.
The application was launched at recent times hence the application doesn’t have a lot of reviews yet but as per about 100 reviews, the application has an average rating of 4.6 stars. In addition to this, the application has received 90% of 5 stars and 4-star reviews. As of now, the complaints can’t be lodged with this application but the support for the same will be available in the coming iterations of the application. As per the information available, the company update this application of 15 November 2017 and many other features will be coming in the future version.
In terms of installations, almost 1000 to 5000 users have installed this application in such a short span of time and the only system requirement for the application to be installed is that you should have your smartphone running on Android 4.0 and above.
If you would also like to manage your KSEB account with ease then you must download this application and below is the download link for the application which will redirect you to the google play store.


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