Just One Click for Browser Cache clearing

Chrome is the No1 Web browser in the world,Chrome is more simple and very faster than mozilla and Internet Explorer,every time we visits webpages the browser cache filled with files,so cache clearing is important for us,if we clear browser cache daily,the browser worked very smoothly and the browsing speed will increase 20%.

Here i am telling about a new and simple way to clear browser cache,its working only on Chrome and Chromium supported browsers like Opera,torch,spark etc..

First off all install the addon to your browser from Download button (if not working download, press like button twice)


Press Free button and wait a moment


Browser asks to comfirm new extension,just press Add


From the upper right corner you can see the extension icon,Press that icon


Now we can see the options panel,select The biginging of time from drop down menu,and press check all,then remove tick mark from passwords,otherwise the basswords from browser memory will be deleted.


Press the Clean Now button,the browser asks permission for clearing cache,just press ok .

Wait some moments for finishing.

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