Indic Keyboard

indic keyboardIndic Keyboard is a keyboard for Android that has been specially developed for people who need to write in several languages.The app features a quick-change function that allows you to change the keyboard layout in just a second.

To change the language, simply slide your finger around in space. In the function “Enable Languages” you select the languages that you want to make available. And, to enable the keyboard correctly on your system, you must use the buttons “Enable” and “Switch Indic IME to Indic”.

Above you gave a full description on the Keyboard and its functionality, Indic know now what we think of him
If you use your gadget to communicate with people from different countries, I should have felt the need to change keyboard just to get some character that is not available in the American standard or ABNT. Indic Keyboard is a tool that solves this problem in an agile, because simply slide your finger on the screen to change quickly.

The possibility of selecting various tongues in a separate screen like it enough, since when using the keyboard you have is all you need. The dictionary support also like it, because typing is much more agile.

During our test, using a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7, keyboard proved very stable and practical, both horizontal and vertical mode. The top bar that displays the most commonly used punctuation marks is a great idea because it eliminates the use of alternate buttons.

The change of language also occurs in milliseconds, allowing you to chat with a friend in Portuguese and write in Mandarin in another place, for example.



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