Icecream Slideshow Maker

Icecream Slideshow Maker is a tool developed to create slideshows from your photos, that is, with this program you will be able to give a new life to that old family photo. In addition, you can add amazing transition effects, including background audio.

You can also use the utility to build multimedia presentations for commercial purposes and even educational, because there are options for all tastes and styles. Best of all is the ease to carry out such projects, without the need to possess technical knowledge or specific.


After opening the application, you will find the Settings button at the bottom of the screen. To access this menu to change the language of the program and let it in Portuguese. Now you can import the images to begin work. It also provides the option to add an entire folder at once. To do this, click Add Photo or add folder; both buttons are located at the top of the program.

However, through the first option, you can play multiple photos at the same time. Just hold the Ctrl key and select the files of interest. If you are working with multiple files and resolve import them through the second option, make sure that the folder in question is the final directory. If there are other inside her, the IceCream Slideshow Maker will automatically pull all the existing files within each of the subdirectories.

Building a presentation

After pulling the images, the tool will list all of them in sequence. You can change this preset order, being that you only need to select the photo you want to move and click the arrows next to her, who, now, will be blue. The trash icon indicates that you can delete any of the files at your leisure.

Still on this side of the Panel, you will see the time that each of the photographs will be on the screen before the slide to be changed. The default is 3 seconds, however you can change the value from 1 to 20 seconds for each file, i.e., it is possible to leave certain images with different values of the other.

The other option available is to change the transition between slides. Pixelate is the standardized effect for everyone, but you only need to click on it to find the list of all the styles offered by the application. There are more than 10 different effects such as Zoom, Stretch, Rotate and Flip Over. If you are a serious project for work, you may want to select the option None to leave the more formal presentation.

In the right pane, are located the buttons to change the resolution of all the slides, as well as, maintaining the original proportions and scale. It is here also that you can add audio files to further customize your project.

Adjust the Fade option value to define in which time of submission the music should start. When everything is properly configured, you can click Preview to check your artwork before saving it. Always remember to check the project ready to find out if everything is perfect or if any important finishing was missing.

Finally, you just need to press the Create button and the utility will quickly render the project and store it in the folder of your choice. In the settings menu where you can change the language of the program, you can adjust any of the existing definitions, patterns of presentation, and video rendering options including the resolution of the project.

Icecream Slideshow Maker is an excellent option for you to create presentations of photographs and several images in the form of slides. With a wide variety of effects and customizations, you can do personal projects and even professionals to use at work.

All buttons are prominently, which greatly facilitates in time to build the first project. After using it for the first time, you will get decorated every one of them and is incredibly fast and easy to work with this tool.

For anyone who has used any program to create and edit videos, then the transition effects will not be nothing new, because the most common options and used can be found in Icecream Slideshow Maker.

In addition, choosing the right moment to start audio is very useful, since several songs take few seconds to start for real. The developer says that soon a version with more features will be available, however it’s still a mystery if this new version will also be completely free.


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