How to install WhatsApp in Computer

Everybody is aware of the WhatsApp application that has most active users today than Facebook. There may probably not be a smartphone that does not have WhatsApp installed. Yet there is no means to install and use WhatsApp in a computer. Not to worry! I will reveal a little trick with which the application can be installed and used in a computer.

WhatsApp cannot be directly installed in a computer. For this, programmes that are used to run Android Phone Application (APK) files in the computer is needed. They are called Phone Emulators. Such two emulators are being introduced here.


Youwave is an Android phone emulator with a user interface as shown in the picture above. It is available free for the first 10 days, following which it has to be renewed with a fee. This provides the same use as a virtual tab. Its disadvantages include that we cannot use a picture of our choice as a wallpaper or use a virtual memory card. After installing Youwave, in the C Drive (C:\Users\yourusername\youwave\android apps) create a folder called ‘android apps’ in which WhatsApp’s APK file must be downloaded and kept. Subsequently by closing Youwave and reopening it, WhatsApp can be opened in Youwave. In Youwave, from the ‘View’ menu, select ‘online content’, from which application markets can be installed, through which applications like WhatsApp can be used in the computer through Youwave. WhatsApp can be installed in one click from the Window that appears by clicking on the ↔ symbol that is seen on the left bottom of Youwave.









BlueStacks is another android phone emulator that is equivalent to Youwave. It’s highlight is that it is available as a free version. BlueStacks can be downloaded by clicking here. After installing, on the right side menu, thousands of applications and games can be easily installed.


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