GIF 2 Video – Whatsapp, LINE

If you’ve ever tried to send a GIF to friends by Whatsapp or another application similar message, you know that this kind of content is not compatible with these chats.but now whatsapp supporting Gif Animations

Therefore, unlike most converters (which transform video to GIF), this is an application to create short videos with their animated GIFs.

That way, you can send them to friends without any major problems and all they have to do is click and open to view the scene in action. Is not a solution as elegant as the Relay, for example, which is a virtually exclusive chat to GIFs, but it is very interesting to send reactions and funny items to friends.

gif2vidGIFs are converted to video quickly and, thus, can be sent to any cell phone. The format is universal for mobile devices, so it can be received by any person. You can save a gallery of these files to send to friends as required.
This application is specific to who uses chat clients that do not support GIFs. He makes the conversion quickly and without many special configurations, aiming at maximum simplicity possible. The videos are created with the duration of the GIF, just being a resource to be able to send this type of animation by Whatsapp, Line and other chats.

If you have a device compatible with the Relay, worth much more worthwhile to call their friends to use this page, which is focused on GIFs and tags, than convert animations to video, for practicality and also because it is much simpler to use and find what you want. If you prefer, use the Relay to download the gifs and then convert to send to friends who don’t have this app installed.

The app GIF to Video is a good option for anyone who uses Whatsapp, Line and other messengers that do not support GIFs, but could have more options, like the possibility to repeat the GIF many times. That would be pretty useful in case of very short animations, that may not look as good in videos as they would be in their original format.

Still, it’s worth a download and test this app, which is useful for what he proposes, since there are not many other options that make it possible to send GIFs by Whatsapp and other similar communicators.



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