FilePursuit Search and Discover Files easily

The World Wide Web is flooded with the various flights and the problem is that it becomes really impossible to find the files in such an enormous database. The only method that we know today is to search the file through google search engine but that is really time-consuming. After a friend’s recommendation, we have an application called FilePursuit Pro. The application is nothing but a powerful search engine for files. Our team tried and tested the application for various searches so as to come up with a review for you. Let us start by looking at the features of the application and then we will move on towards the general review.
Features of FilePursuit Pro
• This application is basically a search engine for the files and you can search various types of file using this file search engine. For example, if you want to find an ISO file for an operating system then you can simply use the application to find the file and download it directly.
• The algorithm used by the developers is really efficient and that eliminates all the bugs as well as junk search results from the internet.
• The best part of the application is that the database for the application is updated on daily basis and the robots crawl through the web space on daily basis.
• Having this software basically eliminate the need for finding the data manually and it eliminates the need of visiting a dozen of sites to download the content. This surely makes it more efficient to find the desired file.
• To use the application, you can simply download the application and type in the search query and start searching for the file. This is surely an innovative application and it is setting new standards for the various search engines.
Review and System Requirements
Talking about the review, the application has been rated by only 173 users and the overall rating of the application is 4.6 star. In addition to this, most of the users have given a 5 star or a 4-star review to the application which guarantees the usability of the application. In terms of installations, the application has been installed by 1000 to 5000 people and the application is gaining popularity at a really fast pace. In addition to this, as per one of the sources, the application is available for free for a limited period of time after which each download would cost Rs 150.
An updated version of the application went live in November and the company has updated the User Interface in the upgrade and in addition to this, the search algorithm of the application has also been updated in the application. The only system requirement for this application is that the application requires a phone working on Android 4.4 or above.
If you would also like to have this powerful search engine then you can download it by clicking on the download link mentioned below.


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