Clear all your technical doubts from RATHEESH R MENON

Technology is being developing day by day, similarly technical doubts and issues are also annoying among people. People may have many technical doubts especially when they purchase a new gadget which is unfamiliar to them. And also there are plenty of applications available in different app stores. But definitely, we would not be familiar with almost of them. Even well educated persons also may have had technical or software issues. Is there anyone to resolve all these fixes.

Yes, of course. RATHEESH R MENON is here to help you. Ratheesh R Menon is a well known technical expert lives in kerala. He has years of experience in technical field. Furthermore he has a YouTube channel and a Facebook page, which has been created for the purpose of serving out the knowledge about technology.

Before introducing about his talent, I would like to aware you that how he has reached in this field.



Ratheesh R Menon took admission in kalamasseri ITI for his higher studies after finishing plus two. Due to the less employment opportunities, he couldn’t find any good jobs. After completing the course he started working in work shop. On this period of time he studied Microsoft, Paint and the other basic things of computer. Pursuantly he started working as peon at a college in paravur. From there he realized that his ability is in technology and he could not develop his talents due to financial tights. Now Ratheesh says that he could answer for technical issues because of making friendship with computer science students in that college.

And eventually he became a perfect technical expert. He started a malayam social networking website on 2009( ). After that he started he started a Facebook page and a YouTube channel and he started to post tutorial videos about different types of softwares and other technical tricks in a method of convincing ordinary people too. And also here people can discuss their technical doubts and issues with Ratheesh and remedy their problems without any payment.

In brief, Ratheesh R Menon can be addressed as the perfect technical expert who helps the people without expecting anything financially.

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