CI MOBI – An Application to Enhance Security

Security has always been an issued and the issue is not restricted to an area or a country but in the age of the internet, the security concerns are universal. In addition to this threat to cyber security are also increasing with every passing day. To enhance the cyber security, a new application has been launch on Android Operating System. The application under review is CI MOBI and the application is basically a partnership between public and police. The application is basically a Cyber Dome application which has been developed to enhance the cyber security of the people.

Let us now look at the Features of CI MOBI

• The interface of the application is based on augmented reality which is actually a new feature in this segment of application.
• The Augmented Reality interface makes it possible to scan the stickers and marker images which are basically to enable the functionality of the application.
• You can simply scan the stickers and marker images with the application which will then provide you information about the cyber security.
• The application provides the information is a very tech savvy way as a police mascot appears on scanning the sticker and the mascot is actually displayed on the target image.
• You can also use the speaker of the phone to listen to the cyber rules which are briefed by the Police Mascot
• The interface of the application is quite clean and the menu option has all the traffic rules and instructions listed under the application which ensures that you get to know the right use of the application.
• The application doesn’t lag either which means that the code used to execute the application is totally bug-free and the security of the application has been tested on the multiple occasions.

The application was launched on 20 August 2017 and it is not as popular right now but the fact is that everyone should have this application to ensure that they do not become a part of cyber harassment or cyber bullying. The application would surely help you in learning about the cyber laws which would prevent you from breaking any law even by mistake. So you can surely go ahead and download the application right now and play safe while surfing the web.

If you are wondering about the minimum requirement of the application then do not worry as the application can be installed from Google Play Store on any Android Operating System which has Android 4.0 and above installed. We can also expect more features in the upcoming versions of the application as the developers have surely done a great job by integrating Augmented Reality in this application and let us just install the application and wait for the new updates. It is also possible to send the feedback to the developers of the application and they always consider all the feedback emailed to them.

Are you looking for the download link of the application? Well, here is the download like for CI MOBI Application –


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