CallPal App

It is true that there are many applications of communication for mobile devices that allow the sending of messages, photos, and music and even make calls for free over the internet. However, the new CallPal App Free Call brings together all the features seen in other apps of its kind in a single tool and complete.

To enroll in the system, you can create an account directly using your social media accounts like Facebook or Google Plus. CallPal App Free Call reads the list of contacts from your smartphone and automatically searches for his friends.

At the bottom of the screen, the application menu displays the options “Tell a Pal” (share to friends), “Contacts”, “Callpal” ( Call Function ), Voice mail and “Settings”). The last option, you can manage the notifications and change your personal data.

callpal appIf you are tired of WhatsApp, Viber or Voxer, for example, CallPal App Free Call brings a complete solution that brings together all the resources of competitors in one place. In this way, you can send text messages, make calls or send voice messages with plenty of agility.

In addition to the large amount of resources, one of the elements that most attract attention in the tool is the minimalist interface and intuitive, which offers few menus and many options to access the functionality.

During our testing, we experience the sending of messages, the links and free voice call to All countries. All features worked perfectly, except the last, because call connection taking a huge time.

Despite this, at least on a Wi-Fi network, the responses are quick and usability is great, even on a gadget more furniture. AlthoughCallPal App Free Call still does not have a user base as solid as the competitors, it is a matter of time before the great tool take a slice of the market.



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