Bhashamithram – English Malayalam Dictionary by CDit

Learning new language comes with its own challenges. One of the major challenges is understanding the meaning of the word in the new language and the second most challenging thing is to convert the words of English in the new language. Malayalam is one such language which is relatively easy to learn but to start with, it takes a little effort. This is basically a Dravidian language and it is a native language of people living in Kerala. As per an estimate, in 2007, there were about 38 Million people whose native language is Malayalam. It is also spoken in Lakshadweep and Puducherry and a lot of people are keen on learning the language as well. Recently, an app was launched and the name of the app is Bhashamithram. The name of this app is made with two words, Bhasha and Mithram and these words mean Language friend.
This application is a blessing for the people who are native speakers of Malayalam and who are not the native speakers of Malayalam and it is all because of the features of the application. This application is basically a Malayalam Dictionary but it has a few more features and some of the best features of the application are –

• The application can convert English Words to Malayalam and this helps the people who are learning the language. There are many apps present for this but most of them are giving inaccurate results hence this application proves to be better than the rest of the applications present on play store.
• The second amazing feature is that the application can convert Malayalam words to English words and this feature helps the school going kids in learning English as well as the native language for most of the natives is Malayalam.
• The application also has a Malayalam Thesaurus which is great for the people who write literature in Malayalam.
I was recently on a short trip to Kerala and there were certain places where people couldn’t understand English or Hindi. At that point of time, I downloaded this application and I converted some words to Malayalam which helped me in communicating with the locals. For example, when I was looking for food, I converted Food to Malayalam and the people guided me to the nearest restaurant hence the application can also prove to be useful for the people who are traveling to Kerala for work or tourism.

As per the application developers, the database of the application contains about one lakh and 40 thousand words and in addition to this, going by the rating, the application has an average rating of 4.8 stars which is quite amazing in terms of the play store rating. The user interface of the application is quite simple and it can be downloaded on any android phone which has an operating Android 4.0 .3 and above. The developers are also adding more words to the database to make it easy for the people


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