Beauty Cam: Ai cam with AR Stickers Review

BeautyCam is perhaps one of the best real-time photo editing apps available on the Google Play Store right now. This app comes with several features that are unique and very useful to both male and female users. The features include

  • AI camera option
  • A feature that allows the user to edit the background of pictures
  • Customized retouching option
  • High-quality image filters
  • A movie camera feature

In addition, a fun cam feature that allows the user to add a funny face to pictures, this could be done in real time while using the camera or in existing pictures in the gallery.
An SLR quality camera feature that allows the user to click clear and HD pictures in dark environments.
A feature that allows the user to deliver attractive motion blurring effects to pictures
Funny and attractive AR stickers
This BeautyCam app is designed and developed by Meitu, Inc along with several other picture-editing apps, all of which are downloaded in millions all around the world. The BeautyCam app is designed in such a way that it is user-friendly, therefore, the user could access each of the features incorporated with ease.
Open the app and on the homepage, you will find five boxes arranged in a systematic way

  • AI Portrait
  • Beauty
  • Popular
  • Workshop
  • Carnival

The AI Portrait option requires the user’s permission to access the camera, the feature activates the AI option in the app that enables the user to click HD quality pictures, and the user can select the appropriate filters that appear on the screen while clicking the picture. The same AI Portrait feature also has a beauty feature that offers various features like changing the shape of the face including eyes, chin, jaw, eye corners, cheekbones, mouth, nose, ear etc.
App name – BeautyCam
Developer – Meitu, Inc
Current version – 8.1.95
Downloads – 10,000,000+
Size – 70 MB
On the other hand, the “Beautify” option allows the user to edit the pictures in the gallery with state of the art tools. The tools include auto-adjustment feature, change the color tone, increase the height, brighten, whiten, dark circles, face enlarge etc. The same option also allows the user to add inbuilt filters to any pictures in the gallery. The next option “Popular” offers attractive features that allow the user to add funny stickers, filters, smiley’s etc.
However, there is one disadvantage that comes with this app is that most of the filters and other features do not come inbuilt with the app; the user will have to download the features independently.
Conclusion –
If you are looking for a picture editor app, then the BeautyCam is one of the best available on Google Play Store right now. This app is also designed to work on iPhone.


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