AlarMon App- Ensuring the never get late approach

Everyone hates the sound of the morning alarm, but setting alarm is the greatest need of our day’s fine start. It’s still early the first phrase we all say when we wake up under pinkish sunlight, some of our lazy friends shut eyes again and rest is history as they are late for work or we school or any other task. Alarm clocks in our phones are ideal that burps each morning for a short and don’t get really bothered either we are out of bed or not. Malinga Studio Co Ltd, powered by lifestyle has developed a funny and refreshing way to kick start your day, the AlarMon App as the name suggests keeps you on track by taking up the responsibility to wake you up at the exact time set.

How it works?

Waking up is refreshing and enjoyable with the AlarMon App as it offers different categories of ALarMon Characters, each of the characters is tagged with its unique melodious or mischievous wake-up alarm, not only this to exercise your brain and commanding it to not go to sleep again mini games are linked with the characters. You don’t need to select just from the few phone irritating ringtones, characters and games will surely add more freshness to the start of your day with a fantastic mood.
Added Features in the App
Not only the morning alarm, the multi-tasking app helps you better to keep control over gas cooking and clothes washing while taking the short nap in the evening. Just set the reminder or timer and AlarMon will be responsible for taking care of the rest. These unique qualities put together for a smarter way to start the day has helped many, the Google play Store shows that there are over 25 million happy customers allied with AlarMon. So, what are you waiting for download the funniest alarm app for refreshing mornings.
The Good Talks
• Great characters with melodious alarm sounds and mini games.
• Alarm history is also part of the app that guides you better about your morning habits and you can change it if needed.
• You can choose amongst the options available as Noisy Alarm, Calm Alarm, Voice alarm(with special morning notes from mom and dad), all options are part of the app.
• Alarm with the task to wake you up will do the task until the battery of your Smartphone runs out.
• In case you don’t believe us, you can yourself check for the reviews about the app as the link for the Google PlayStore download is shared at the top.
The Bad Talks
We have not listened any of bad talks about the app yet from its users, in case you find something lacking with the AlarMon- The Android App, you are free to share your view in the comment section.

To download the exciting and unique Alarm Clock App in the world, you can just click on the link available below

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