Uber – An Uber Cool Way to Travel

Uber is a global transportation network company with its headquarters in California. The company serves in India and it is involved in offering cabs, bike rides and food delivery. One thing t6hat Uber has helped the people

Beauty Cam: Ai cam with AR Stickers Review

BeautyCam is perhaps one of the best real-time photo editing apps available on the Google Play Store right now. This app comes with several features that are unique and very useful to both male and female users.

All Drive – The ultimate file Manager for Whatsapp

There would be no one around the world today that does not know about Whatsapp and the features it offers. Yes, I do believe that most of the people would have used Whatsapp once in their lifetime.

Lasso – Best App to Create Short Videos

Today, one of the best marketing strategies is to create a viral video and market your product along with the video. Even if you are not into marketing, you can gain followers on social media by creating

Holidify Trip Planner App – Give a Chance to Traveler inside You

You would have already been through Holidify and it is certainly one of the best travel portals in India. Recently, Holidify came up with a new app which can be used for planning your trips. You can

ShareChat – An Innovating Chatting Platform to Make New Friends

You would be using many apps on your phone like WhatsApp, Instagram and other social apps to chat with friends and share Meme. What if there was an app which would have integrated all the features in

Pic Board – Fun With Stylish Emoji Words

Many times we have to share some of the specific pics with our friends and it can be a difficult task to find those specific pics from thousands of pictures in the gallery. In such a case,

Motorcycle Fuel Log – A Smart Way to Track Mileage

If you ride a two-wheeler or a car then you would have certainly wondered about the mileage that you are getting from your vehicle. Some of the vehicles are now equipped with the mileage tracker but the

Shortcut- Free Video Editor for Windows, Linux, and Mac

Video Editing Software is something that we all have used at some time or another. Some people may have used the tool to edit the videos for the project and others might have used the tool to
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