CallPal App

It is true that there are many applications of communication for mobile devices that allow the sending of messages, photos, and music and even make calls for free over the internet. However, the new CallPal App Free


Artisto is an smartphone application for iPhone and Android, with a look and the style of Prisma, which lets you apply artistic effect filters in videos. With this tool, you can make small videos ( maximum 9

Wirecast helps you to stream live events to Facebook

Wirecast makes it possible to create dynamic video transmissions over the Internet. Build detailed multimedia contents with many cameras, images, titles and movies. Wirecast introduces a new concept of filming. You can combine your selected cameras, use

Prisma Now For Android [ Official Release ]

Prisma is an Android mobile application focused especially to who edit and give a beautiful incremented on your photos. After launching the app for IOS users with in four days 54 Lakh people installed that on iPhones,

Photo Watermark Android App

Add Watermark Free was developed for those who want to tag your photos before sharing the file on the internet. In its free version, you can choose to trade marks created by the application, such as warnings


Watch TV programming on PC long ago stopped being a novelty. However, despite the many online options available and the wide variety of existing programs, few are those who actually fulfill that promise, allowing the viewer can

Whatsapp Beta Showing Video Call Function Beta 0.2.80

For being the most popular Messenger today, WhatsApp needs no introduction.WhatsApp beta app gives access to video calling function,WhatsApp video calling feature can be accessed by tapping on the phone icon placed at the top-right corner of

Primo – Free Calls & Texts

Primo-Free Calls & Texts is a instant messaging that allows you to make free voice calls as well as send messages to your friends directly through the internet. The program is full of features that range from

Tribe, the future of messaging

Messaging hasn’t evolved in the past 20 years. From SMS to AIM to iMessage, the experiences look the same : a keyboard and some text. The biggest change has been the transformation from desktops to mobile, which